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Scrapbook - Extenders

Item #: SCE100, SCE101
Price: $2.30

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     SCE100 - 1" (pkg of 6)SCE101 - 3" (pkg of 2)
    Invaluable scrapbook extenders for use with our HOSA scrapbook #SCB100, these extenders can be added to each other to make your binder as thick as needed. Unscrew and use the END units that come with the original binder with these extenders. SCE100 includes six 1" extender units. SCE101 includes two 3" extender units. Be sure to choose your selection from table above.

    SCE100 - 1" size comes in a package of 6. ($2.25)
    SCE101 - 3" size comes in a package of 2. ($2.50)